Service | Repairs of CVS and third party units

Before starting a repair, you receive a cost proposal from us. Your repair is carried out correctly using spare parts of original quality. Simultaneously, irrespective of whether a CVS or third party model, each repaired machine is delivered by us after a test run and with a warranty.

Please notice/enclose at every return of machines for repair or guarantee the following:

Return instructions

Declaration of Contamination

Service | Replacement machines

We have a large, constant selection of overhauled compressors and vacuum pumps in store. Replacement machines from CVS are thoroughly overhauled and have, as with new machines, successfully undergone a test run.

Secondhand compressors and vacuum pumps are:

  • Competitively priced
  • Overhauled
  • Tested at our works
  • Provided with new wear parts
  • Can be delivered at short notice
  • Competent advice
  • Accessories can be installed at short notice, according to customer request

There is a full warranty of one year on all secondhand, overhauled compressors, vacuum pumps, excluding expendable parts.

If there is no suitable replacement machine available in store, there is the option of an express repair at our works. Because of the in-house production, we are able to carry out repairs quick and uncomplicated.

On-Site Installations – Repairs and service work on site

For the larger systems, we also carry out repair and maintenance tasks on site.

Arrange an appointment with our Mr. Tempel in Rheinfelden  +49 (0)7623 71 741-31
or Mr.Schink in Moers, near Duisburg  +49 (0)162 25 25 693

Phillip Steinebrunner Head of Customer Service
Phillip Steinebrunner
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Thomas Tempel
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Philipp Jakobi Workshop Manager / Service Technician
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