VacuStar L 400 | Compressor vacuum-pump

Air cooled

The compressor vacuum-pump
The air cooled series L was developed especially for the high requirements on mounting in small suction vehicles with tank sizes up to 5 m³. It delivers a maximum volume flow of up to 345 m³/h / 203 cfm. To change between pressure and suction operation you can use the changeover four-way valve. With connected cell aeration system 100 mbar / 27 HG” (90%) in continuous operation are possible.

The advantages at a glance

  • Connectivity for integrated cell aeration
  • Connectivity for hydraulic motor
  • Optimized cooling
  • Visual oil level indicator
  • Shaft end exposed for driving using V-belts, cardan shaft and flexible coupling


  • Plasma-nitrided housing for difficult conditions, thus increased resistance to abrasive, adhesive and corrosive wear.
  • The integrated cell ventilation reduces the air outlet temperature > Increased service life due to lower thermal stress for rotor vanes, bearings, oil and housing.

Performance Data and Dimensions

Performance Data
VacuStar L
Max. volume flow m³/h / cfm 345 / 203
Max. gauge pressure bar / psig 1.5 / 21.3
Max. operating vacuum* mbar / HG" 100 / 27
Speed range 1/min / rpm 1500
Max. Power consumption at 0.5 bar kW / hp 10 / 13.4
Weight incl. changeover four-way valve kg / lb 85 / 187
*with cell aeration Subject to change without notice

Installation Examples