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Rhein Invest acquires a majority share and invests in the growth of CVS.

Rheinfelden, 28.10.2019

CVS engineering GmbH, a medium-sized southern German manufacturer of compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air systems for road, rail and production applications, has found a new majority shareholder in Rhein Invest. The commitment of the Dutch investment fund, which focuses on medium-sized enterprises, lays the groundwork for stable growth in the future of the company. 

Frank H. Pfister, managing director and future shareholder of CVS: “Age-related retirement of the shareholders and the focus on the industrial business of the main shareholder were the decisive factors in finding a new, sustainable shareholder structure. After 13 years, the CVS founders and the holding company FUSHENG industrial from Taiwan greatly desired to see future development defined by their wishes. In Rhein Invest we found a competent and solvent owner who will support and accompany CVS along the way of its development and growth.- I am happy to help shape this development as managing director and shareholder”

Rhein Invest invests in profitable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the industrial, software and agricultural technology sectors. The focus here is on a strong DNA, an expandable market position and innovative strength of investments. CVS is a great example of that. Jan Middelburg, Partner & Founder of Rhein Invest: “CVS is an innovative and dynamic company and has a very high reputation among its long-standing customers, with whom CVS maintains a close and trusting relationship.
We have a long-term vision of supporting CVS in its growth into new markets in a way that harmonises with the company’s values”.

Due to their age, previous shareholders have or will gradually withdraw from active participation in the company and actively support succession planning.
For FUSHENG industrial, the investment in CVS is a great success. However, FUSHENG cannot see any future synergies with CVS and has therefore decided to end its involvement. FUSHENG is pleased to have found a suitable majority shareholder for CVS in Rhein Invest and wishes the management and all employees all the best for the future.

About CVS:
CVS has been producing compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air systems for silo vehicles, suction vehicles and ÖPNV public transport at their Rheinfelden site (Baden) since 2006. More than 2200 units are produced annually. CVS employs 78 people at its production site and headquarters in Rheinfelden. CVS is the market leader in the vacuum pump for suction vehicles segment of the DACH countries. A network of qualified and long-standing OEMs and sales partners supports CVS in the worldwide sale and service of CVS compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air systems.

Note to editors:
Further information about CVS can be found on the website
For further transaction information, please contact Mr. Frank Pfister at the following phone number: +49-7623 71741-11.